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Welcome to Carolina Bands, where fashion meets functionality. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, we are dedicated to bringing you a unique collection of Hair Tie + Bracelets that seamlessly blend style and practicality with southern charm.

Embrace the convenience of having a hair tie and a stylish bracelet in one, with our Carolina Bands. When the need arises, this beachy bracelet effortlessly transforms into a reliable hair tie. The discreet elasticity of the bracelet ensures a secure yet comfortable hold, so you can tie up your hair for any situation – from impromptu workouts to focused work sessions to a night out on the town.


  • Beach Day Love: Green, Grey, Blue
  • Carolina Sand: Sand, Sand, Sand
  • Game Time: Dark Red, Black, White
  • Lost in the Sunset: Orange, White, Pink
  • OBX: Sand, Dark Red, Orange
  • Paradise on Earth: Blue, Sand, Black
  • Southern Socialite: Black, Sand, Black
  • Sullivan's Island-SPECIAL EDITION: Bright Green, Medium Pink, White


  • Each pack offers a variety of 4 distinct styles: Crimp, Thick Loops, Thin Loops, Braided.
  • Fashion+ Function - Embrace the convenience of having a hair tie and a stylish bracelet in one, with our Carolina Bands. Elevate your accessory game and embrace the versatility that this dual-purpose piece brings to your life. Whether on your wrist or in your hair, it's an accessory that's always ready to enhance your style and simplify your day.
  • Durable/Waterproof - Known for their durability, these hair ties are among the longest-lasting, retaining their shape over extended periods. They are also Waterproof which make them ideal for workingout, swimming, showering, or the next surf session.
  • Non-slip Design - Their soft elastic composition is crafted with an anti-tangle/non-slip design and special fabric to effectively prevent tangling and minimize hair pulling or breakage.
  • Perfect for All Hair Types - No matter if you have thick, thin, straight, curly etc. hair we have you covered. Carolina Bands is specifically engineered for all hair types.
  • Salon Approved - Don't fall for the cheap knock offs, Carolina Bands has been approved by salons and professional hairstylists.
  • Carolina Bands Guarantee - We stand behind our Hair Tie + Bracelets. If you find any issues with your order, please reach out to us and we guarantee we will make it right. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we are located on the beautiful coast of South Carolina, and we love to hear from our Carolina Bands fam!

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